About me

Neil Roberts founded High Impact Marketing in late 2022.

Throughout his career, Neil has worked across several sectors and has developed a keen eye for what makes a business thrive. When Neil first stepped into the world of work, his first job was in a DIY store in a customer service role. He quickly developed his people skills and got an accurate idea of what customers wanted and how to keep them contented and returning for more. Understanding your customer base and their desires gives you a huge advantage.

After a few similar roles to his first, Neil started a sales-based role. Again, he excelled in this role, repeatedly using his previous knowledge to seal the deal. Having a thirst for new challenges, Neil worked in more sales roles across numerous industries, including accountancy, mortgages, waste collection companies and car insurance. What he learnt within these many industries was invaluable, and he knew he could use his knowledge to help others reach a considerably higher potential.

Neil is proud to have overcome some particularly challenging situations in his personal life, education and, indeed, within the workplace. Choosing to see them as learning opportunities has given him a positive and enthusiastic attitude to any problem, always looking for the most productive and beneficial solution. Therefore, he is so passionate about helping others, and thus, High Impact Marketing was born.

By choosing High Impact Marketing to handle your sales and marketing strategies, you’ll be sharing Neil's wealth of experience, enabling your business to grow further than you imagined possible. His expertise will allow you to build a robust company that will stand the test of time. You’ll be guided through the entire journey and given the full attention you deserve.

If you have more questions, visit the services or FAQ page, or contact Neil in person. He is always happy to prioritise time to discuss how High Impact Marketing can assist you and your business.