02 Sep
The Lost Art of Communication in Business

It’s safe to say that modern business has developed a communication problem. It sounds comical to the outside world, but in terms of the impact it’s having on companies of all sizes, it’s a real problem. Communication, specifically face-to-face meetings, was a staple of the industry for smaller businesses. However, since the pandemic forced everyone into virtual seclusion, companies decided to begin advertising and interacting differently. Was this the right choice, however?

The New, Social Media-Oriented World of Advertising

The advertising world seems almost entirely skewed to be an exercise in social media nowadays. Every business out there has a social media presence. Even the smallest company that only has five regular customers is using social media, and rightly so - the limitless approach and accessible platforms to work with help to make social media advertising a helpful skill. However, this isn’t automatically the best choice for businesses. Social media is a powerful tool, absolutely. Still, many companies are making the mistake of using digital tools for the entirety of their advertising campaign and then don’t have anything else to connect with people. 

The Impact on Businesses

The impact that this type of approach can have on businesses is substantial. Smaller businesses particularly struggle when they remove the face-to-face aspect of advertising and communications. If you’re a smaller business, you need every edge that you can get to try and compete with more prominent companies. Sometimes, this means that businesses look for the personal touch when searching for a service provider or supplier. More often than not, this means you go to the company, have a face-to-face conversation with them, and reassure them that you will go above and beyond for their business. If you take this advertising style away from small businesses, they lose their edge over big corporations. There is no incentive for more prominent firms to work with small companies when there’s nothing extra to be gained. The personal touch offsets the reduced capacity and smaller selection of services. If you take that away, there’s no reason for a company not to go to a significant supplier. However, small companies don’t seem to grasp this. They don’t think it impacts their business, which means they suffer repeatedly.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, businesses face a massive communication problem because they’re no longer prepared to put in the extra time and effort. The pandemic forced everybody to work remotely, but innovative businesses went back to working in a more personal way when the pandemic ended. Unfortunately, those businesses that didn’t do it this way will continue to suffer because they won’t be able to keep up. They’ve deprived themselves of that critical advantage over other companies, which is the major failing of modern advertising.

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